20 year old woman found dead: family alleges dowry harassment
Custody of 3 held for dowry death of 24 year old women in Kharar.
Woman burnt to death for dowry, husband held.

We live in a society where we see and hear cases like these of dowry, still afraid to suppress it. The newspapers are full of stories of torture and killing on account of an insufficient dowry. It cannot be denied that since ages dowry system is practiced and till now in 21st centaury it is flaunting in triumphant moment. Dowry system which is also known as Dahej and Aaunnpot in eastern parts of India  is a payment of durable goods, cash, property, jewellery, electrical appliances, vehicles, and more such items that a bride’s kin gives to bridegroom’s kin. This put a great social and financial burden on bride’s family. The dowry has been prohibited under specific Indian Law of Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 and in Section 304B and Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).
Though government put effort by laws to persuade Indians not to give or accept dowry, has been proved ineffectual. Still 24,771 dowry deaths reported in last 3 years and roughly every hour a woman is murdered over dowry demands, according to 2014 figures from National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) and still dowry related deaths are on the.
It is a blotted social issue which we see with open eyes in our own family or society and without stopping letting it to continue and develop. It has been a long standing cultural activity which now has became a typical custom that bride’s family give money, gold or durables in turn increasing the economic burden on woman’s family. Also there are more number of educated and sound people who demand for dowry, even if the young educated boys wish to marry without dowry they are forced by families and are taken as disrespecting or disobeying parents. One need to understand that demanding for dowry is not disrespecting the older ones of family instead it is disrespecting women’s dignity.
Surprisingly, many women do take dowry as an advantageous chance and absurdly misuse ‘Women Protection Act’, the call for protecting women against domestic violence for dowry. Out of 78 dowry cases accepted last year 5% has been found false during investigation. Not always women are victims but sometimes men become the victim of dept trap.
So what can be the solution for it..??? Laws seem to be ineffective, education failed and words of young men and women are left unheard…so how can we stop this evil act which is willingly given and happily accepted..?? We should take bold moves towards exposing families demanding dowry using the help of the legal system. And most importantly by changing the thinking as it is all matter of thinking not the culture and not the tradition. It can be only stop from starting from our own family, where we give money to bride in her marriage for her security. Why securing her by giving money.. Why not securing her by giving her a good family or a good education and career where she can stand all by her own independently and happily.

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