There is a story of a girl that tody I want to share it with you all…!!!
A fine morning, she was on her bus, her mom was waving hand to say goodbye to her.. She was boarding to her school. That day she didn’t realize the meaning of that goodbye… But years later sitting down to the chair, struggling to find a way out to the situations or you can say to her harsh reality she was thinking about that goodbye.
What was that goodbye meant.. Was it the simple goodbye or a deep meaning was hidden in it..??
She was a girl who always lived in her dreams and never thought to face reality even though everyday she was harshly punched with the cruelty of world but somewhere she was able to find light and happiness and a story in it, that maybe it is her good deeds that knock her and say “Hey! We are testing you, stay strong..!” And with every situation she stayed strong and replied “Yes.. I M STRONG “and thought that one day she might get the gems of happy days.. 
But the days passed with no happy gems, and this time she got the flashback of that goodbye.. and realized… that..that  goodbye was having a deep meaning inside it.. Her mother was waving to her and was meant from that one word was that now it’s the time to say goodbye to her imaginative world, to go in the real world, to knock the reality, to face the reality, and to get into it, digging deep down to get her own gem by her own self.

Ashutosh Tripathi

You know, in this world there is no one who can dig up, to bring your gem. Yes you’ll find people who are gonna show you path as her mother did by letting her to go to discover the world. But at the end you have to work for it you should have the passion and the strength to discover your own gem. Because that gem is hidden ‘inside you’ only.. You have to leach it out from yourself and that can be only done by you.

So buck up and hold the bridle of your life and take a ride of the real world and discover a new you. Say goodbye to your make-world and enter in real-world where when the reality will punch you, you’ll be ready with the reply and then you’ll be strong and will having your gem in your hand. 

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Aayushi Srivastava
Those who write with life are not limited by life. They are free from the shackles of normalcy, and this allows them to develop a voice of their own. I do believe that passion also participates in lively writing, for with love comes practice, and with practice comes skill. So I strongly follow the same and pen down my thoughts with love ☺️☺️


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