Here are some unknown Indian fact that very Indian citizen must know:

  1. If an officer refuses to file your FIR, she/he can be sentenced to jail for a period of 6 months to 1 year.
  • A single male cannot adopt a female child and if married then consent of his wife is obligatory.

  • Any intruder whoever intends to insult the modesty of any woman by uttering any word or making any sounds or gestures shall be imprisoned which may extend to 3 years.
  • While driving, if alcohol level in 100ml blood is more than 30 mg, then the police are liable to arrest you.

  • You are entitled to 40 Lakh rupees in compensation, if your cylinder explodes.

  • A pregnant employee cannot be terminated from her job and if she is, the employer can face jail time of up to 3 month.
  • A rape victim can get herself examined by a doctor without filing an FIR.
  • A female can’t be arrested in between 6 pm to 6am
  • You can walk into hotel (even 5 star) to use the washroom or to get a glass of water.
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