24 hours water supply that is the thing we middle class people keep at the top of our requirements list when we are looking for a house.

Save Water

All of us think of this as our right to have running water 24*7 in our houses but is it ? and it it important ? Let me share an incident with you which made me doubt it .

A week ago the water pump of our apartment broke down.The mechanic told us that the pump is not going to last for long and warned us against usin it extensively.So the secretary of thr building decided to run the pump once a day and everyone one of us will have to manage untill there is a fund for the replacement of the pump.So the seven stories building which needed the pump to run thrice a day to fulfill our need will now have to manage with one third of regular water supply.For that a system is worked out that the water will be on for 3 hours in morning and 2 hours in the evening.

For the first week it was really bad and all we used to do is complain about it.But gradually we all got used to itand to our benefits, It made us follow a routine ,we started using water cautiously,always closing the tap tight,not using our showers as Niagara Falls and the biggest benefit was that we were saving two times the water that we were spending.This made me wonder isn’t this the better option ?

we have only divided the surface of  land but beneath it is whole.Everyone has the equal right over water resources. Drought in Marathwada or Karnataka or in Odisha is not just the problem of people living there,It’s everyone’s problem .If we didnot mend our ways ,we too will have to crave for a drop of water and this is very real.Its not like that we spend water as much as we want and our next generation will have to deal with this issue.Forget about the next generation ,most of us will have to face water scarcity in this very lifetime .

We must not treat water as something we own.24 hours water supply is a huge waste of this treasure.That’s just exploitation.We have given Gau Mata and Bharat Mata our attention so let’s spare a moment and think about Dharti Mata too..!

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