“You are having plus size man, loose some…!”  Or “Girl you are so skinny, gain some…!”
Is being skinny or plus sized body appearance is exception in being perfect…? People often get discriminated for their body type and become the part of humor in blathers. The lack of discernment of people on different body type promotes body shaming. Body shaming is a practice of making humiliating comments on one’s body shape and weight. People criticize others because of some aspect of physical appearance which does not fit on their perfect body scale. What type of body is required to state it as a perfect body..? Is it size zero for women or six packs abs for men. No, absolutely not, a healthy and fit body defines the perfect body which comes in all size, shape and weight.

  In today’s generation body shaming is one of the biggest problem faced by both genders. Whether it is a man’s body or a woman’s body, society however encounter absurdity in their shape and oink them with distressing commentary. They are often told to change their appearance, if some are overweight they are used as the basis of many show’s jokes and if some have skinny or thin appearance they are considered as underfed. Because of this, people feel less and less confident about themselves day after day. Body shaming, is common in both genders, but is especially harmful to women causing them more insecure and unhappy than men. The teenagers of today’s generation also feel criticized through judgment or comparison to another person “Look at her..! Her body is so flat and you are fat, you really need to lose some weight”.
According to an internet source one third of young girls fear to become fat and embark on dieting or binge eating. Also girls as young as five years old talk in a way that promotes anxiety about their looks and size. They also have tried to lose weight at least once. In addition to this, one third of young boys aged between 8-12 years are dieting to lose weight. The survey also revealed that about 71% of women are worried about their weight and majority of men are unhappy with the level of their muscularity. These statistics on both men and women indicate that body shaming has the power of negative effect on them. “You are so bony, you’d probably fly away with just one blow.” Why telling someone that there is something wrong with their body and needs to be changed..? All it takes just one negative comment to dishearten one which pushes them toward the intense disliking for oneself, even if it is said by loved ones. It is easier to give body shaming comment to someone but the impact it create on that person is much worse, it brings up the roots for self hatred. Some magazines and advertisements also play role in widespreading the body shaming in an extreme way. They highlight their products putting spotlight on obese or thin people and reshape them into a ‘Perfect Size Body” which is not realistic and is problematic. Because, an obese person or a skinny person can be artist, singer, dancer, officer or anything of their choice which nothing have to do with size.

 Everybody is born with a different body type and shape, nobody chooses the body they have. One may be fat or overweight or may be skinny or slender, but they all make a picture of flawless body. Shaming based on the assumptions of appearance do not encourage healthy physique, it only intimidate them lowering their self-esteem and self confidence. Body shaming should be solved by support, motivation and building self-assurance. We should encourage other to accept their own body type which may be of any kind, but is perfect.


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