Happiness isn’t just a term , its a feeling. Anything which makes you feel good with or without widening your lips and making you smile is happiness…
The feeling on looking at the vast, beautiful, blue sky and the birds chirping is happiness, on  enjoying the  fragrance of a flower and smiling to yourself is happiness , on remembering an old incident at 1 am all alone in your room and laughing whole heartily is happiness. On watching her newly born baby crying in the arms of the doctor , what the mother feels is happiness.The feeling when a student receives a prize is happiness , when a patient finally recovers from his ailment and gets discharged from the hospital is happiness. When the father hugs his son returning home after months is happiness.
Happiness is a soothing and comforting state of the mind and heart .Its just loving yourself and enjoying the moment. Just like the cup of suffering isn’t of the same size for everyone , similarly the cause of happiness is different for different people .It may be due a materialistic possession or due to a  dear person . Anything  you do which fetches back appreciation and applause  is a cause of happiness. It may include a tedious  job to give a successful presentation in a board meeting of a multinational company or just laying lazily in the lap of your mother . Happiness  is irrespective of your work , designation, financial status, its just related to the brain and feelings.
Smiling is just a sign  commonly known to indicate happiness , but there can be people happy while crying too.We feel extra happy on special occasions like birthdays , marriage parties , get-together, etc. because the brain has gathered information about such events and created a positive image of the same. On the contrary no one smiles in a funeral because brain has collected negative image of that event . Sad faces weeping and trying to console others forget the fact that the purpose of life is actually to attain NIRVAN i.e. freedom from the cycle of birth and death . We should feel happy that the dead has atleast crossed another level up in cycle thereby reaching towards permanent happiness .For what is gone is gone ,no one can spark life in dead body again .Situations may be good or bad , happiness is an act of pacifying and reviving yourself from inside without expressing a burst of laughter or tears .
Everything depends on our prospective . Just change your thoughts , they’ll change your feelings sad or happy. A glass half filled by water can be said to be half empty, but just observe carefully it is completely filled ,half by water and half by air. Happiness means loving yourself and being less concerned about what disheartens you . Like you have to breathe in oxygen for yourself similarly you have to create the state of happiness for yourself . Just find reasons to be happy always and don’t allow anyone or anything to intrude in your state of happiness.

“You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.” 


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