Life is a game built by necessities, desire, relationships, people, ambition all held according to priorities. Each one of us is bestowed upon with a set of responsibilities and relations, out of which we choose what matters the most and the least. This eventually creates a sequence called priority list for us. Sooner or later we bear the fruits of our deeds overwhelming or disappointing all done in accordance with our priorities .
Life moves on step by step . Each step leads to a different stage and then u blossom, ripe and rot. Initially as a mewling child in a cradle ,who knows nothing but his mother, her presence & her touch .His mother is everything for him and then & there he has to do nothing with the pros & Cons  of the world.
As he grows up, dealing with school homework and academic curriculum is the biggest burden on his shoulder. He tries to slip out time for playing and entertainment for they rank high in his priority list. 
As the wheels of time roll on , he steps into the tender teenage and finds that along with personal grooming he has to work on his shadow too. In order to create the imprints on the sand of time and achieve name & fame to embrace dignity which will last with him and even after him. The career grooming perspective comes into the ‘ON’ mode.
Time trots and pushes him into another stage to manage up work , family , relations and responsibilities simultaneously. Its next to standing on one toe and balancing huge balls altogether. To survive peacefully becomes a challenge sometimes.
And then after ripping , he begins to rot . Thereby losing sense of proper vision , taste, hearing impairment, frequent ailments and all leading to the death bed one day.
In this short journey from cradle to grave , we find innumerable tasks to do and a lot more in the to-do list of life. One who analyses himself & his requirements and sets the order of his priorities correctly, plays this game of life well and emerges up as winner. Setting the right priorities in right time is indeed an important virtue that everyone must inculcate. 
Out of these priority balls named Work, Family, Health, Friends and Integrity, we realize that work is a rubber ball . If dropped , it may bounce back but others are made up of glass .They will fall & shatter into pieces if not taken care of. 
Question yourself what’s really important in your life ? Do your priorities coincide with your answer? If ‘yes’ then you are on the right track else you have to change your pace and direction in order to complete the journey called Life.
Life is a game , all you have to do is know how to play with the cards of priorities. Our actions express our priorities. We need to organize our tomorrow today. We are often tired and imbalanced not because we are doing too much , but because we are doing too little of what is most real and meaningful. 

Sometimes there is clash of egos, amidst this dark blame game what we lose, we initially don’t realize. But as youth fades we feel  the urge to mend our mistakes , but alas it’s too late then .
Change your priorities, if a little adjustment can heal a lot then please do go for it because adjustment is not always synonymous to compromise. Clarify your priorities, simplify your life and achieve more .
Don’t waste your time in doing anything and everything .Do what matters because time wasted is life wasted. The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities as Life is what you make of it !


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