Loss just creates a Shadow in mind and covers the entire Sunshine of happiness. All those happy cheerful faces are painted Grey and seems gloomy and dismal at times of loss. Even in such a sensitive situation in today’s world everyone wants them to be given a bravery shield to bear up the loss. As the cup of suffering is not the same for all how can we compare and contrast the loss on any parameters. A mother losing her young and fair child is struck by beggary alive, a maiden losing her father forever , a lover losing her beloved due to circumstances , a friend losing his childhood companion of the same Colony shifting elsewhere….. Be it  this or just the KG-1 loss of new blue magnetic compass box on first day of school,  the loss of a diamond ring in a party or the loss of a hundred and one rupee envelope of Shagun given by my grandpa on 1st birthday to my mother . Loss is loss. Be it materialistic ,emotional or psychological. One need not to prove oneself more endurable. Loss accompanies pain and grief but soon  the rain of tears and the clouds of pain have to depart and let the sunshine of happiness restore to bright future ahead. Life doesn’t holds on ,as we all are on a journey. There are various halts  for energizing and testing your vitality but at last you have to get on  the non stop Bullet train of life to reach your destination. Life cannot get stuck up by any loss , it roads on. The more calmer you get ,the more you can absorb happiness and let roll off the steady drops of pain ,sorrow ,grief and loss. Eventually every fair and happy day has to pass similarly every sad moment will also pass. Have Patience. Be a learner, be a fighter.

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