Have you ever wondered at the full form of this word , School ? By the time we finish school,We would have used this word some 10 million times . But what does it mean ?

“Ah , whats the big deal about it, it’s just a building where we come to study with other students  !”-is probably what most of us will answer.But no !

The original meaning of this word ‘School’ is rather fascinating . It is the abbreviation for “Societal Centre for Holistic Organisation of Life” !

Take special note of the word ‘Holistic’ . If you spelt it ,’Math-Physics-Chemistry-language’ then you are probably like 99% of the students.

But if you spelt it ‘Life-skills’ to survive some 80 odd years on the planet ,then you are indeed smart !

So  let’s discuss what are the 5 most important skills you must learn before you walked out of its walls !!

1.The skill to handle insults :Skill

As much as you will break your head solving and mastering math problems,you must also master the art of how not to turn a single hair in the face of some of the most soul-crushing insults you will face. Because , face it,math will stop asking you to find its ex’s once you quit school/college but even when you are 80,you will always come across at least one idiot each day who will insist on calling you names. And you don’t master that intricate art when you are 80. You master it right here within the school walls and after all, insults are the day-light of any teen conversation.

2.The skill of communication :

Communication as is prevalently understood, is not just being able to speak well.If that’s the point of it then everyone would be happy,joyful and productive.But look around you, it’s not the case.Most people are grumpy, miserable and unproductive.Communication is the ability to get the result you want.

3.The skill to assert yourself :5 skills to monitor before you leave your school

Teenage is a time when all of us want to belong and have a sense of being accepted. So it’s possible many times we act out like ‘jerks’ just to belong. The ability to assert your opinions and at times be able to say a firm ‘no’ will be an important skill to master.


4.The skill to shift negative emotions :

Emotions are the driving force of all human actions.The ability to shift yourself from negative emotions and being able to have powerful positive emotions at your beck and call will become an important skill for a good life

5.The skill to fix your goal and manage your time :5 skills to monitor before you leave your school

Time is the only resource which when spent can not be earned back. Every other resource like wealth health and even beauty is replenishable. If time is currency, then you are the richest person in the world sheerly because of your age. Learning to spend your time well, not just relaxing and day-dreaming,but learning to organize the hard and less pleasant task in order and spend appropriate amounts of time on it to achieve your long term goals is a super skill to Master !!! 



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