Hello readers !
Allow me to start with a story  of a bird. The bird was small & was ready to enter in world. She knew that her parents are holding her back, will never allow her to fall so she spread her wings for the first time and took her first fly. She enjoyed, she loved the breeze of air, and she could feel the coldness of wind crossing her body. Her first time was her golden time and for the next time she got dependent on her parents thinking that for every time they’ll be holding her back, she got dependent on her friends and mates that every time when she’ll be lost they will be there to help her out. A night came night of thunder which changed her definition of dependency. She was there in her nest, her home seeing that all her friends flew off without thinking of saving her, taking her with them. She searched for her parents but could not find them as they thought that now that she can fly she can save herself. She was shattered, she struggled all alone, now, she was dependent on her own ! she struggled to fly her first independent fly in stormy wind and searched for a new home all alone.
Next morning was a new morning for her, she discovered that once you get your own wings out to fly there is no one whom you can depend except for your own self.!!

 It’s good to expect, it’s good to trust or to have faith but its not good to be dependent on any of the being. It’s only you and you who can help you who can discover you in a new and strong one. If you got your back hold by yourself you can defeat any situation, you can easily and happily overcome any nightmare you got to face and in every situation you’ll have no regrets for your own decision as either it will give you an experience a lesson or a moment that could change your whole life..
Take your first fly and every fly with your own confidence up. Do not be dependent on others it makes you weak it gives you no real pleasure, your own struggle, your own Independency is your biggest victory, work for it, achieve it and then you can achieve any goal of your life.!!



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