Hello readers…!!!
Hope your blogging is going good…
So today I’m here to tell you something in which I failed for 9 times that is in getting Google Adsense approved for my website aleurerblog.com

There are certain points on which one should take care before applying for Adsense.. Based on my own experience and with some observations on other cases here are those points you should always be sure before applying for AdSense..

1.The most important thing is having a static page as your home page.
I am focusing on this because now a days people are more frequently using their blog page as their homepage but its not a good thing for AdSense !!
Try to have a static page as your home page.

2.Secondly before applying for AdSense try to upload a SSL certificate on your website as it also plays an important role in determining the security of a site.
You can upload a free SSL certificate too..!! (Good news..!!)

3.Try to minimize copyright issues whether it is copyright for images or the content used for your blog posts..! For images you can go to Pexels.com it is a great rescueree ….

4. After publishing 4_5 articles submit your application for AdSense. Now a days it has been observed that new websites with few blog posts are getting approved easily. So start as early as possible.

5.Create back links as much as possible.

6 .Create a clear navigation for your website i.e header and footer menu should be clear enough to provide a good user interface to users.

7.Avoid contents that does not comply with Google polices.

8.Lastly if your application is not getting approved in the first try,do not panic. Observe the instructions given by AdSense and apply again and again Untill its not getting approved… Because slow and steady wins the race….!!



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