“The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.” -Dalai Lama
I want to start by asking you a simple question….What is success and what is failure in life means….take a moment thing about it…set up an answer in your mind… so what is it… high post in work.. Luxurious living……appraisal from the heads….or big name or fame…. If all your answers match them so rethink my question what is success and failure means for life….. One day I saw a girl sitting near garbage her look was shabby instead of bright beaming eyes she was having hunger in her eyes hunger for food.. I went to her and asked “Hey why you sitting here?” she said “My mother is picking up the waste and cleaning the area so I’m waiting for her here….I asked her “Have you eaten anything?” To which she replied “Didi, it’s the second day we are starving for food..!!” Listening to that I cannot resist myself in offering her my lunch in which only two chapattis were there… She firstly hesitated but then later she took my lunch and ran back to her mother and instead of eating the chapattis all alone she given all it to her mother and then came back to me and said smilingly “I helped my mother now she’ll be eating…” That was the success of life for that little girl… the real success by giving her mother what she was laboring for the days.. And if I walked straight without asking that girl for food that would be my biggest failure… Today we have tied ourselves in a very materialistic feelings where we only care for ourselves of our need our comfort and luxury and if we get that all we assume it as our success and if miss any of those particular we take it as our failure…Somewhere we forget that life is not all about living, it’s about giving…, giving a moment to people around you who’ll admire it love it and will remember you…that is why we are humans the greatest creation of GOD because we understand the feelings, we can feel the pain and love of each individual and that is how by which we can help them. Making a moment for the people that can be remembered by them for their whole life is your appreciable success. Life is not all about making money and name, it’s about taking the humanity, the love and the generosity up to the boundless level where smiles and joy on other faces starts mattering to you. After a certain time money and luxury will not satisfy you, an inordinate heart with a pleasure of giving for a good cause will satisfy you and that satisfaction will be your success and disheartening someone for your pride and greed will be your biggest failure… So gear up take the reins of life, tightly hold it and decide the direction or path of success and failure as the path will only decide your ultimate destination..


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